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Digital gold. It is the oldest and most widespread cryptocurrency in the world. It is characterized by the highest stability and is considered a less risky investment in the digital currency world. Fluctuations in its price are usually lower, whether it is a raise or a drop. Many people perceive Bitcoin as a synonym for digital currency, and it is not surprising, as its name is often used in the media. It has a strong brand and it seems that institutional investors (firms) tend to buy it most often.

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Digital silver. It is based on Bitcoin and is therefore technologically very similar. It has an active developer community led by a brilliant MIT graduate - Charlie Lee. Thanks to the constant improvement of its technology, low transaction fees and network utilization, it is preferred as digital cash for transactions which has enabled it to experience its skyrocketing price in recent years.

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An innovation that will rule the world? In just two years, Ethereum has become the second most widespread cryptocurrency after Bitcoin with annual growth of thousands of percent. In addition to being a digital currency it brings a unique possibility of so-called smart contracts. Any term contractual agreement between two parties that has a transparent definition, format and procedure can be envisaged. It can significantly simplify lengthy and complex processes, such as buying an apartment or a car.



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